How to Convert European Shoe Sizes When Shopping Online

How to Find Your Shoes Size in European Shoe Sizes

If you’re shopping for shoes online, it’s important to understand the difference between EU and UK shoe sizes. In general, European shoe sizes are based on the Paris point, which is 6.67 mm.

This system can be difficult to navigate because it doesn’t correspond directly with US or UK shoe sizes. This can lead to frustration and disappointment.

Paris point

Shoe sizing can be confusing, particularly when you’re traveling internationally. The US and European shoe size systems work differently from one another. The US system is based on barleycorns, which equal about 1/3 of an inch (around 8.47 mm). European shoe sizes rely on Paris points, which equate to 2/3 of a centimeter or around 6.67 mm.

Interestingly, the EU shoe size system is also based on the metric system of measurement and is defined by last lengths rather than foot sizes. To find your EU shoe size, simply multiply your foot length by 6.6 mm.

The Brannock allows generously for two Paris point differences between the foot and the length of the last, so that there is ample space for the toes to move freely. This makes the shoes fit well.

US sizing

European shoe sizes are based on the length of your foot in centimeters. The sizes are unisex, unlike the US sizing convention that separates men’s and women’s shoes. Generally, European sizes range from 35 to 49. However, there are many brands that run small or large compared to others. To find your size, you should check the shoe’s label or use a conversion chart.

To convert your US shoe size to a European size, simply add 31 to your US size. For example, a women’s US size 9 is a European size 40. This method works for most brands, but it’s important to remember that different manufacturers use different lasts.

To measure your feet, stand on a flat surface with your socks on. Mark the tip of your longest toe and the tip of your heel. Then, measure the distance between these marks with a ruler or Brannock device. If your measurements are close, you should go with the larger measurement.

UK sizing

When shopping for shoes online, it’s important to know the sizing system used. Then, you can find the right pair of shoes for your feet. You can do this by measuring your feet or trying on a pair that fits well. You can also use a size conversion chart to determine your shoe size in another measurement system.

UK shoe sizing is roughly two sizes smaller than US sizing. For instance, a US women’s size 8 is a UK shoe size 6. This difference is most noticeable in women’s footwear.

Shoe sizing differs between the UK and the US, and this can be confusing for consumers. However, it’s easy to convert a UK shoe size to a US shoe size using a simple conversion chart. To do so, subtract 31 from your women’s EU size and add 33 to a man’s size. This is a rough approximation, and there are variations between shoe brands and manufacturers.

EU sizing

Most major shoe brands use EU sizing, which is unisex compared to US shoes that have separate men’s and women’s sizing. This makes sizing easier, but it can also cause confusion for shoppers who don’t understand how EU sizes translate to US shoe sizes. To avoid buying shoes that are too small, check the sizing chart and consider going up 2 figures at a time.

In general, EU shoe sizes translate to UK sizes about 0.5 sizes smaller for women and 2 sizes smaller for men. This is because manufacturers use centimeters instead of inches to measure shoe lengths.

When shopping for shoes online, it’s important to find the right size conversion chart. These charts convert the shoe sizes from one system to another and make it easy for shoppers to find the right shoes. If you’re not sure what your size is, try measuring your feet or wearing a pair of shoes that fit well.

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