Quality Concept Store: Unique Products, Responsible Consumption, and Influencer Partnerships

Shoes Q Review

Q shoes are a Swiss-based company that designs and manufactures high-performance running shoes. Their logo looks like an “on,” but some people mistake it for a “q.” This confusion is understandable, as the word “on” has a similar sound to the letter “q.”

When fitting kids’ shoes, be sure to measure both feet. This is important, as their feet grow over time.

Quality Concept Store

A quality concept store differs from other stores by offering a range of products that are not easily available elsewhere. These include handmade, natural and organic products. Moreover, these stores focus on the story behind each product. They also promote responsible consumption. Some even partner with influencers to enhance their visibility. This strategy has proven successful for Colette, a French concept store.

In a concept store, designers share the same universe to create unique creations. For example, Flowrette’s passion for dried flowers inspired them to offer original creations with a strong identity. Similarly, BellePaga has listened to its customers and the people of Brussels to set up BellePaga & Friends in Uccle. This way, customers can discover local and quality brands. The store also advocates fundamental values such as sustainability and locality.


Shoes come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, designs and sizes. The materials that they are made from determine their durability and cost. The most common material used to make shoes is leather, which is a skin or animal hide. Leather is also a highly breathable fabric and can prevent your feet from becoming smelly and sweaty.

Other common shoe materials include nylon, wool, cotton canvas, and woven fabrics. Textiles are a great choice for lining and uppers because they can be made with an infinite number of weaves, patterns, and special features. Textiles are also incredibly durable and can be easily washed.

Another important factor to consider is whether or not the shoe is a vegan product. Many shoes are made from leather, which is often sourced in China, and this can cause problems for the environment. This is because the tanning process often uses benzene and toluene, which are known to be toxic to humans and animals.


Shoes Q are comparatively more expensive than other stores, but their quality is also higher. They also offer free returns on all orders, even up to a year after purchase. This is a great benefit for people who haven’t had the opportunity to try the shoes on and are worried about how they will fit. They also have a customer services tab that lets you connect with someone through chat, phone, or email. This is a huge plus for people who are concerned about purchasing online.

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