Revolutionary Shoes: Feel Switched On with On’s Unique Style and Comfort

On Shoes Make Runners Feel Switched On

Whether you’re running a marathon or simply walking to the store, the right shoes will make your feet feel good. Shoes that fit, support, and cushion your feet can alleviate soreness, pain, and even prevent injuries.

Swiss brand on is taking the athletic world by storm with its unique podded soles that feel like you’re walking on clouds. The Rock and Roger Federer are fans.


The founders of On set out to engineer a shoe that would deliver a “Goldilocks” sensation with every step: a soft landing and a firm toe-off. Their solution is a sole that’s pliable enough to adapt to your unique foot. Its independent cloud elements compress to cushion your foot strike, then lock in place for a stable platform to propel you forward.

The result is a responsive, cushioned ride that feels light on your feet and pumps you up—not to mention reduces your heart rate. The brand’s mantra, coined from the company’s logo (“On”) and the sound of a switch being turned on (“On!”), sums up their mission perfectly: to inspire movement.

RW test editors and staff love the On shoes for their comfort, especially the new CloudTec model with its springy feeling. Try on shoes with your socks to see how they fit, and make sure you have a finger-width gap between your big toe and the edge of the shoe.


The right shoes can help you maintain proper posture while walking or running. The wrong shoes can cause or exacerbate back pain and other posture problems. Proper footwear can also increase your energy and performance.

Traditional shoes with elevated heels shift the body’s center of gravity forward, causing the knees to bend and the chest to push out. This unnatural stance strains nearly every muscle in the body and causes bad posture.

Minimalist shoes with a zero-drop heel mimic the natural barefoot stance on flat surfaces. These shoes allow the foot to move naturally during the gait cycle and can help you to improve your posture over time. Good posture is not only an aesthetic enhancement, but it can also reduce your risk of injury and boost your confidence. The journey to perfect posture is a step-by-step process that begins with your footwear. Choose quality footwear that promotes correct alignment and supports your feet. Your health and well-being depend on it!


The durability of a product or material is the ability to withstand pressure and wear over time. It’s an important quality for runners because it allows them to get more miles out of their shoes and reduces the need for frequent replacements.

The On Cloudracer is designed for competition and is worn by Swiss Olympic runners like Nicola Spirig and 2014 Ironman World Champion Frederik Van Lierde. The more cushioned Cloudsurfer is the trainer of choice for underdog marathon runner Jake Riley, who finished second in the 2020 US Olympic Trials.

The brand’s signature CloudTec sole features small pods that compress with each step, absorbing impact and making the shoe feel “like you’re running on clouds.” They’re also superlight and responsive, so you can run fast in them. Plus, they’re recyclable, and On only uses animal-free fabrics, including recycled and carbon-emissions-based materials. Their commitment to sustainability has made them a favorite of influencers and celebrities.


The Swiss brand’s unique style makes them instantly recognizable. Their innovative shoes are designed to make runners feel switched on. With heart-rate reducing technologies, extra bounce and unparalleled support they are made to inspire movement. Their logo, a play on the switch of an electrical light, is a nod to this idea.

The company was founded in 2010 with the aim of revolutionizing running. The founder, multiple Ironman champion Olivier Bernhard, and friends David Allemann and Casper Coppetti, created the CloudTec sole – a series of hollow little ‘clouds’ that run the length of the shoe and add cushioning to every step.

The individual ‘clouds’ move laterally as well as vertically, making the shoe more responsive to your natural movement. The result is a feeling that RW testers and our athletes have called soft, forgiving and lively. The shoes are perfect for competition and recovery runs and have been worn by Nicola Spirig, 2014 Ironman world champion Frederik Van Lierde and many other top-level runners.

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